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Reviews from Happy Customers

by Donna McCue on 10/02/15

Lets hear from all those Southern Charm puppy owners.  

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1. Teresa Shaw said on 10/2/15 - 10:00AM
I've had the pleasure on several occasions to visit Southern Charm Aussies. You won't find a more dedicated breeder in Mississippi than Donna. She puts the welfare of her puppies and dogs first. Puppies are happy, playful and well adjusted once they make it to their new homes.
2. Melisa Ericson said on 10/2/15 - 12:23PM
I am truly blessed to have a Southern Charm dog! I got Baylee, a black tri last Fall. She is an amazing dog. She has a loving, sweet personality and is wonderful with my 18 mth old grandaughter. She fits right in with my other dogs. I love my girl so much! She is smart, beautiful, sweet and loyal all wrapped up in one little dog! Donna is a dedicated,loving breeder that is always willing to answer questions. She loves to keep up with all her babies even after they head to their new homes. I am blessed to now call Donna my friend and to have one on her amazing dogs as a part of our family. And I will be back for more!!
3. Jennifer said on 10/4/15 - 06:00PM
When I got my sweet little red tri, Mali from Ms.Donna a little over a year ago I had no idea what was I getting into. I still to this day talk to Donna and can call her anytime for advice or have questions about Mali. I have never experienced a breeder that has the heart and soul that this woman has for her dogs. She goes much much further than just selling a puppy. She becomes a friend. She not only cares about the dogs and their new families tho, she puts 100% into her breeding program also, and makes sure the quality of each puppy is nothing less than what an Australian Shepherd is. I would recommend Donna to anyone that is looking for a new puppy or even just wants some more info about the breed. Truely an awesome experience.
4. Gabby Crain said on 10/6/15 - 02:35PM
I want a blue merle female with two glass eyes or one toys Australian Shepherd
5. Jessica Harrison said on 10/8/15 - 02:04PM
I can't say enough about how wonderful Donna and her dogs are. My parents and I each have a black tri female from Southern Charm. Calypso and Juno are the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful girls! They are everything an Aussie should be. When it comes to breeders, Donna is the best. She is always available to help when we have questions, and I admire her commitment to ensure that every dog she places has a good home for life.
6. Kimbee Adams said on 10/9/15 - 09:42PM
I have two of Donna's pups and they both have enriched my life with such love and loyalty . Donna goes above and beyond to make sure all of her dogs are placed in the most suitable homes possible . She also makes sure her dogs have the proper genetic testings done before even considering breeding. Donna and I have become friends and we have even mentored each other in areas of dog training and breeding . I am truly blessed to have met such a wonderful and dedicated person as Donna McCue !!!
7. Carol said on 1/7/16 - 11:08AM
My grandpuppy Ajax came from Donna's Southern Charm. He is a beautiful blue-eyed bundle of joy. Donna and Southern Charm Aussies has created an extended family of Aussie owners and lovers of this special breed. Donna's love for her puppies is more than just a breeder, rather she becomes their "forever momma." Ajax is smart, lovable and loyal. I highly recommend Donna and her expertise as a breeder of these wonderful pups!
8. Lisa McFarland said on 1/7/16 - 09:36PM
I have two dogs from Southern Charm. I first got my beautiful black bi female and then most recently an incredible bundle of energy and happiness, my blue Merle boy. Donna is always available if ever needed. She loves her dogs and what she does and only wants the best for her puppies and puppy families. She puts her heart and soul into her dogs and her breeding program. I can't say enough about the effort put into these dogs, my vet even remarked how nice the puppies are. If you are considering an Aussie, Donna probably has what you're looking for or will at some point. She can help you choose the most perfect puppy for youre family and lifestyle. And as an added bonus, once you get a Southern Charm puppy, you're family forever!
9. JJ Collins said on 5/21/16 - 07:40PM
We adopted our first (I say "first" because we are already wanting another!) Southern Charm Aussie in January 2016. She's a blue Merle with 2 brown eyes. We have 2 children and stay on the go. This girl never misses a beat! She is very smart. She goes to each family member by name! She was bringing the paper in a week after we brought her home. She loves to stay active, but when the children are at school she is very calm and just hangs around, as if she is just waiting for them to get home. She is a protector. Unsure of adults until she gets to know them, but does well with every child that comes over. Donna could not be any more professional and helpful and very organized. She always answers any questions or concerns we have. We have enjoyed following her Facebook page. I'm a little obsessed with how the new litters turn out and love to keep up with their forever homes! If you are looking for an Aussie, look no further!
10. Christine Eberhardt said on 5/22/16 - 08:08PM
WE?? AUSSIES! WE ?? DONNA McCUE! Many, many thanks to Donna for blessing us with our two amazing fur babies, Babe and Kea. Both of them have brought so much joy into our lives, and also into the life of their older Hungarian Vizsla sister, Gracie, too! They all keep us in stitches of laughter at their shenanigans, They are loving, loyal, kind-hearted, but full of a little mischief, too! ?? We absolutely think they are the most beautiful Aussies ever with such sweet, sweet personalities. They make great watch dogs, too! We love watching them run laps around our backyard. They are incredibly fast runners, and beauties to behold. As far as Donna, she is totally devoted to caring for her puppies, and finding special forever homes for each one of them. Donna is more than just a breeder. She is a forever friend and extended family for us. May God richly bless the McCue family, their fur babies, and all future fur babies! Thank you! Sending ??, hugs, and ?? to you!
11. Melisa Ericson said on 11/7/17 - 06:52PM
I have two Southern Charm black tri minis. I have a male and a female. They are both beautiful, smart, sweet, very loyal and loving. They are wonderful with my two young grandchildren. I could not ask for a better family member!! Love my Baylee and Enzo! Donna is the hardest working woman that I know! She truly loves her dogs! I am thankful that many of the Southern Charm owners have all become a big family! They all come together and help each other. Donna is very knowledgeable of the breed and is always willing to answer questions or give advice. Donna, thank you for all you do and a HUGE thank you for my two fur babies. They are well loved and give us so much joy in return!!
12. Jennifer Fallon said on 11/8/17 - 08:21AM
I have 2 southern charm babies. Our first pup born 8/16/15 is Polly she is a black tri mini. She is an amazing dog. She is very affectionate towards my husband and I. She is shy and skidish towards strangers but will warm up to them. She got very sick a couple months after getting her we were traveling to my parents house for thanksgiving. She had to be hospitalized and then transferred to the ICU they did not think she would survive. I messaged Donna on Facebook and told her the situation. She immediately called me she talked with me for a while and comforted me. That meant so much to me that pollys breeder not only cared for her but also for me. Polly survived with no defects. We drove 11 hours back to Mississippi this past April to pick up Fred he is a red tri mini. He loves his sister and follows her everywhere. They make the beat team. I love southern charm aussies!
13. Suzanne Reed said on 11/8/17 - 12:40PM
I just don’t have enough kind words to express how I feel about Donna and her dogs. The love and care she puts into them is beyond all expectations! We got our standard red tri, Nola from her and he is now almost 3. He is the sweetest, smartest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever known. He just adds so much to our family! From day one, Donna has been available to answer any questions we had and she still makes herself available. I wouldn’t even consider ever using another breeder. Thank you, Donna, for blessing us with our precious fur baby!
14. Kacie Sansbury said on 6/11/18 - 03:56PM
I have 1 standard from Mrs. Donna. Before I got her I searched for a breeder for a long time and I could not have found a better one than Mrs.Donna. I thought I would love the breed but after having my standard I think aussie's are all I'll ever own. They are an amazing breed and family member. I appreciate Mrs. Donna for always being there with any questions I have and giving the best advice along with all of the other blessed with the grace members! When I am ready for another this is where I will call!!
15. Dakota Summerford said on 6/11/18 - 07:42PM
We got Skye (formerly aka Akira) when she was 9 months old. She was surrendered back to southern charm aussies, and to this day, we really don’t understand why because she is a great dog. She is great with our kids, and in the future, we would like to get another mini Aussie. She is a red tri, and she is absolute gorgeous and super smart. We definitely recommend getting a puppy/adult dog from southern charm Aussies.
16. Kelly said on 6/12/18 - 10:15PM
We have 2 dogs from Donna. She truly cares about her dogs and is very knowledgeable about the breed. Would highly recommend purchasing one of her puppies!
17. Mikaela said on 9/18/18 - 10:22AM
We have had our southern charm aussie for almost a month now and I can’t say enough good things about our experience getting and with Cooper. And wow is this baby smart! He is doing great with potty training and great with my children (4months & 4years) he has the best personality! Donna was a dream and so easy to work with. I will recommend Southern Charm Aussies to anyone!
18. maggie Becker said on 4/30/19 - 03:47PM
We happened upon Southern Charm website purely by accident but we were the winners. We adopted Maggie, a standard red female and have enjoyed her immensely. Donna was great to work with and we would recommend Southern Charm to anyone seeking their furever friend.
19. Kallie said on 6/30/19 - 04:53PM
I adopted my first Southern Charm Aussie in 2012, Henry, a mini black tri with the best personality and the most perfect markings. Loved him so much, I also adopted his blue merle brother, Whiskey, as an adult. Super sweet dogs- so loving and friendly. Mrs. Donna was so helpful through the whole process of training a puppy and then later introducing an adult dog into the family. We love them so much, one of my best friends also got a mini and my parents got a standard! Definitely sharing the love of Southern Charm!!
20. Melisa Ericson said on 7/1/19 - 11:50AM
I have 2 Southern Charm black tri beauties. I have a male and female. They are wonderful, loving, smart, fun, happy, beautiful dogs. They truly are a part of our family. They are wonderful with my 2 young grandchildren. Donna is so helpful, even three years after purchasing a puppy from her. She is always there for her Southern Charm family. She puts so much time, love and care into every puppy.

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